Opening Hours: Daily, 4pm - 11pm

Location: LG-18

+607 509 6722

BacchusJ is named after the Greek god, Dionysus, who is called Bacchus by the Romans. In Greek mythology, Bacchus is known as the god of the grape harvest, wine making, wine and ecstasy. This god was also known for his light-heartedness and willingness to offer assistance to those in need. In short: he was a good who knew how to have a good time! By adopting his name, BacchusJ hopes to live up to the qualities this deity stand for by giving their patrons an amazing dining experience the can while also staying true to his generosity by serving wonderful food and wine, creating an enjoyable atmosphere as well as great service to those who come to BacchusJ in search of a good time with family and friends. The menu here features authentic Italian cuisine crafted by an experienced team of skilled chefs. The head chef, Motokazu Yonezawa, is from Japan and has experience both as a chef and a sommelier in Italy and Tokyo. Chefs and sommeliers here at BacchusJ have the certificate of AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) and are certain to provide exquisite dishes and choose the most suitable wine to pair it with.